The Truth About Direct Buy - June 14th 2008

Have you seen the Direct Buy website? You can take an online tour that explains how Direct Buy works. Direct Buy has a good point when they say retail stores generally mark up their products to cover the cost of the store expenses. Direct Buy is offering you a chance to buy home furnishings without paying a retail markup. When you are a member, all you pay is the actual manufacturerís price plus shipping and handling. Design, delivery, and installation options are also available. There are testimonials on the Direct Buy website. Here is an example: ďYeah, weíve been members now for about four or five months. And in that amount of time alone, I would say weíve saved about seventy thousand. Itís just been phenomenal and we really hate to use the same old quote, but weíve just hit the tip of the iceburg as far as you know. Building a whole new home, itís just been a blessing in disguise because weíve been able to do more than we really didnít think weíd be able to.Ē This is a strong message because the person who bought from Direct Buy was able to save so much. If you want to become a member, you can click on the Free Visitorís Pass and fill out your contact information to receive a free visitorís pass to a local Direct Buy center. Have you searched for Direct Buy on Google? The number 2 spot when I searched Direct Buy on Google was complaints from actual people who have become members. Itís called Direct Buy Complaints and itís worth looking into. When I checked, there were 34 pages totaling 668 complaints. Some of the complaints include: 1. Sales pressure from the Direct Buy sales representatives. 2. You canít look at the catalogs until you join. 3. Each showroom has different policies and fees. 4. You donít know what you can buy until you join and do the research. 5. It cost $6000 to join at one Direct Buy location. If the person didnít pay, they wouldnít be allowed back for 7 years. 6. Membership costs between $2200 and $4500 to join at other Direct Buy locations. 7. You cannot cancel your membership after you join. You may not get your membership fee back. 8. You canít order online. You have to order at a showroom. Thatís just some of the complaints I read on the first page. There are 34 more pages, so Iím sure there will be other similar complaints from other actual Direct Buy members. Itís a good idea to read about other peopleís experiences before deciding on investing money for the membership at Direct Buy. What do you think of Direct Buy? Have you had a good experience or a bad one? Post a comment and let us know.