The Truth About Direct Buy

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Have you seen the Direct Buy website? You can take an online tour that explains how Direct Buy works. Direct Buy has a good point when they say retail stores generally mark up their products to cover the cost of the store expenses. Direct Buy is offering you a chance to buy home furnishings without paying a retail markup. When you are a member, all you pay is the actual manufacturer’s price plus shipping and handling. Design, delivery, and installation options are also available. There are testimonials on the Direct Buy website. Here is an example:

“Yeah, we’ve been members now for about four or five months. And in that amount of time alone, I would say we’ve saved about seventy thousand. It’s just been phenomenal and we really hate to use the same old quote, but we’ve just hit the tip of the iceburg as far as you know. Building a whole new home, it’s just been a blessing in disguise because we’ve been able to do more than we really didn’t think we’d be able to.”

This is a strong message because the person who bought from Direct Buy was able to save so much. If you want to become a member, you can click on the Free Visitor’s Pass and fill out your contact information to receive a free visitor’s pass to a local Direct Buy center.

Have you searched for Direct Buy on Google? The number 2 spot when I searched Direct Buy on Google was complaints from actual people who have become members. It’s called Direct Buy Complaints and it’s worth looking into. When I checked, there were 34 pages totaling 668 complaints.

Some of the complaints include:

1. Sales pressure from the Direct Buy sales representatives.
2. You can’t look at the catalogs until you join.
3. Each showroom has different policies and fees.
4. You don’t know what you can buy until you join and do the research.
5. It cost $6000 to join at one Direct Buy location. If the person didn’t pay, they wouldn’t be allowed back for 7 years.
6. Membership costs between $2200 and $4500 to join at other Direct Buy locations.
7. You cannot cancel your membership after you join. You may not get your membership fee back.
8. You can’t order online. You have to order at a showroom.

That’s just some of the complaints I read on the first page. There are 34 more pages, so I’m sure there will be other similar complaints from other actual Direct Buy members.

It’s a good idea to read about other people’s experiences before deciding on investing money for the membership at Direct Buy. What do you think of Direct Buy? Have you had a good experience or a bad one? Post a comment and let us know.

55 Responses to “The Truth About Direct Buy”

  1. DirectBuy Sued!

    A federal lawsuit has been filed in U.S. District Court in Hartford against the national high-end DirectBuy franchise operation, accusing it of falsely telling prospective clients that they are getting furniture, appliances and other household products at manufacturer prices.

    In a lawsuit filed by attorney Seth R. Klein of Hartford, DirectBuy is accused of hiding the fact that DirectBuy receives rebates from manufacturers which are not directly passed on to their members, who pay as much as $7,000 to join for two or three years. The lawsuit, which seeks to be certified as a class action representing thousands of present and former members of the more than 100 franchises, was filed earlier this month. It follows a column on DirectBuy that disclosed the rebates, which are kept secret from its members and from those it entices to join through high pressure sales techniques.

    DirectBuy officials had no comment on the suit but had said earlier that it uses the millions of dollars it received in rebates to the benefit of its members.

    We will see what a jury has to say about that.

  2. How can one get out of membership of directbuy?

  3. I’ve noticed the question, “How do I get out of a DirectBuy Membership?” across the Internet. This is what one member of DirectBuy did to get out of his contract membership –

    Hopefully that gives you an idea. Does anyone else know how to get out of a DirectBuy membership? If you do, please post a comment.

  4. Find a retailer selling the same product and see if thay would show you the actual manufacturers price. If you have access to the DB site we may be able to help you find a friendly retailer.

  5. We did a large reno, bathroom and kitchen and although we did save $ on the high end appliances and fixtures the hassle of dealing with direct buy is just NOT NOt I say worth it. We had issues with a bathroon vanity that took 6 months to correct, the kitchen designer was lass than adaquit, actually she was horrific………….

    I have 2 years left and will not be going anywhere near them to even attempt to buy anything…..

    I say stay clear……..

  6. Absolutely brutal service at Directbuy, Edmonton Alberta. I tried to relate my experience to standing in line at a checkout at a major supply store of any kind. I requested some product info from them and then waited 12 business hours before I heard anything back. Their so-called expertise is non-existant at the location and they have no interest in customer satisfaction. The long wait is only one problem of many we’ve had with this particular location.

  7. Anyone who is dissatisfied with the directbuy in edmonton AB I would like to get a class action suit going to get my money back and shut them down. I have bought a lot of stuff through them in an honest attempt to make use of them but ultimatly I can find many things CHEAPER and with better service elsewhere. Direct buy is a lie… see their 8% handling fee etc. If you are a dissatisfied with directbuy edmonton email me at with enough names I would like to see about getting our money back….

  8. wayne p.sweeney Says:

    You get a salesman calling you everyday if you cancel your appointment to visit their show room .This style of high pressure sales is so typical of a company that only cares about selling memberships not product.If this is such a good deal why do they hound you over & over , not unlike
    these two-bit companies that sell you a free alarm system,that ends up costing you two thousand dollars.I do not feel sorry for anyone who has been taken in by these tv ads (where do tou thik they get the money to pay for them)do you think that honest retailers can afford to have them sell the same product they do at their cost.How do you pay employees,building costs,electric,water,etc,etc.Yes even walmart makes a profit,but not by selling over priced memberships TO SUCKERS.

  9. Here’s something to consider. I was away for three months and came home to find that the show room in my area had closed. I received no notification that this had occurred and found out about it through a friend. Direct Buy didn’t inform me but they did send an email after my local show room closed asking to me invite friends and family to join. This is the kind of company they are. I haven’t even finished paying the membership fee yet and now I can’t get any money back. I was sold a service and it’s no longer available to me. Anyone in the Victoria BC area who are in a similar position as myself please contact me at and perhaps together we can do something

  10. Anyone who is dissatisfied with the directbuy in Toronto ON I would like to get a class action suit going to get my money back and shut them down. I have bought a few stuff through them in an honest attempt to make use of them but ultimatly I can find many things CHEAPER and with better service elsewhere. Direct buy is a lie… see their 8% handling fee etc. If you are a dissatisfied with directbuy Toronto ON email me at – with enough names I would like to see about getting our money back.

  11. I went to a sales pitch last night in London Ontario. The red flag went up when they said if you did not get a membership now you will never be able to get one. Also they just stayed on topic how much you save on the retail price I have to question what about the delivery of a item and handling,etc.They did not touch on this subject at all for cost. Sure I could save on the item but I may be stuck paying 300.00 for delivery of a item and there goes my saving.The one thing I learned buying online you need to know the cost of shipping!!if you don’t you just may end up paying more for that great price yo see online. Direct Buy is not for me.

  12. So it would seem that DirectBuy is actually a middleman between you and the marginally-marked up manufacturer price. How ironic.

    Think i will stick with Home Depot, and anything marked up ridiculously by H.D., well i’ll shop online. and no $5000 fee.

  13. I joined DirectBuy back when they were called UCC Total Home. Same company, different name. I\\\’m assuming they changed it due to their poor reputation.
    I got suckered by the \\"join now or you\\\’ll never be able to join again\\" ploy. I gave them a $1000 deposit and the rest went to a third party company on monthly payments.
    I bought a Pentax camera through UCC Total Home for $500. Looked like a great camera, but little did I know it did not come with a lens! Just the body. By the time I bought the lens I could have bought the same kit at London Drugs for $200 less.
    I ended up putting a stop payment on the pre-authorized payments. The company sent a collection agency after me, but I refused to pay and they eventually gave up.
    DirectBuy is a scam! It\\\’s such a scam it should be illegal! But it\\\’s not and they\\\’ll continue with their tactics. I wish I had been able to find a forum like this back when I signed up.

  14. I also joined in 2002 when it was UCC Total Home.

    Sorry to deviate here, but I didn’t have any of the negative issues reported above. I didn’t save any money on my first purchase because I bought more stuff with the approximately $3000 I saved on a kitchen appliance set.

    There was some pressure to opt in right away, but when we called to make the appointment, we were encouraged (by staff at UCC TH in Brampton Ontario) to shop around for articles we needed so we could price compare when we came in for the pitch. We compared and the pricing was favorable. We haven’t looked back since.

    I agree their tactics may be flaky in some locations, but it’s not like that across the board. Honestly, if it makes you uncomfortable, then don’t sign.

    Some prices are beatable at retail. Especially when retailers are clearing stock, but I prefer not wait around for sales or deal with retail pressure tactics. At least at Direct Buy, you get it once, then never have to deal with it again.

    I have saved allot of cash (probably around $35000 CDN) with my $160 per year membership over the last 7 years. For the record it was $2400 to join when I did, and I could have pocketed that on my first purchase had I not decided to get more stuff for our new home.

    I am not trying to throw a wrench in the works here, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Hearing all these negative reports certainly indicates there are issues the company needs to address, but I just wanted to point out it’s not a nightmare for everyone.

  15. Here’s the skinny on Direct Buy… Manufacturers do not sell direct, they sell through distributors, who sell to Direct Buy and at a higher price than the Retailer pays. Then Direct Buy does indeed mark this price up. Now factor in your membership fee, add your 8% service fee, freight, and all the service related problems. What are you paying now… compare this price to your local retailer. OH… you can’t shop it now… they have you locked in since they have your membership money. You are not getting any value through Direct Buy.
    How do I know? I own one of those dreaded “retail” stores in the tile industry and we do some wholesale distribution. Direct Buy has contacted us several times wanting to buy tile through us. I would not do business with them due to their underhanded marketing program. However, an associate of mine does sell to them. They pay more up front, mark the tile up, tag on the 8% service fee, add freight (which there isn’t any freight on the original order with this distributor), and they have several thousand dollars of your money up front. What a Deal. When did “retail” become a four letter word. Retail business is the back bone of this country. How many “Direct Scam” customers make their living working for a “Retailer”? Ah… the power of major marketing. Your best value is a local retailer who is a true professional in their trade with years of experience. Oh, by the way, you will not find these guys at you local big box stores either. They are almost as bad as the buying clubs.

  16. Incase no one has seen the new infomercials DirectBuy offers a 30day FREE TRIAL membership. This eliminates any confusion or threat of high pressure sales tactics.

    80% of DirectBuy members renewed membership…if 80% of THOUSANDS of member renew membership with a 37y old company they’re OBVIOUSLY doing something right.

    At the location I work for all our members get Manuf. rebates and always have for the last 11years.

    People like Phil is the reason the founder of UCC/DirectBuy created DirectBuy…There is a 40-50% MARK UP on tiles that means DirectBuy members save 40-50% on TILES. I would lie too if i was Phil.

    Do you want to pay $750+8% for a $1500 couch and wait a few weeks or do you want to pay $1500 and maybe get it within the next few days or maybe you have to wait anyways because the store doesn’t have it in stock anyways…….Your call…It’s always your call..D

    irectBuy is an option..if you want to get it right away shop retial. If you want to save money and can deal with waiting and paying an 8% shipping & handling fee (that FYI is openly discussed at Open houses) then shop Direct at DirectBuy :)

    My location has an A+ rating with the BBB and has had one complaint in 36months that was resolved.

    The Brickk Corp Office:
    BBB Rating
    Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of B on a scale from A+ to F.
    BBB processed a total of 421 complaints about this company in the last 36 months, our standard reporting period. Of the total of 421 complaints closed in 36 months, 149 were closed in the last year.
    Reasons for this rating include:
    •421 complaints filed against business
    •Advertising issue(s) found by BBB.
    Click here for an explanation of BBB Ratings
    The company met with the BBB on August 22, 2007, to discuss ways to correct the underlying issues of their complaints.

    BBB Rating
    Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of A on a scale from A+ to F.
    BBB processed a total of 27 complaints about this company in the last 36 months, our standard reporting period. Of the total of 27 complaints closed in 36 months, 19 were closed in the last year.

    You tell me who you want to shop with!

  17. I recently joined direct buy after reading all the warnings about joining. I thought I could beat the odds because I recently purchased an old house that I am totally renovating.

    I have saved but no where near level promised or expected. Here’s the deal with Direct Buy. The only real savings you will see is on appliances.

    I recently bought 7 appliances – all GE profile. Fridge (PGS1PJXSS), wall oven (PCT916SMSS), microwave with trim kit (JEB186SCNSS), Electric cook top (JCP346SMSS), dishwasher (GLD8312PSS), warming drawer (PTD915SMSS)….Total price $7066 taxes included. Retail, these might be around $14000…but you might decrease this to about $9K if you catch the sales or go to a store like TASCO or Appliance Canada. So at least on paper, I got the membership fee back, but I spent days on end going back and forth between direct buy and retail stores. I am a bargain hunter so I didn’t mind this so much, but if you value your time this is costly. In fact, if I were to put a cost to my time, I spent retail.

    I purchased JENNAIR appliances and a week later found out that 3 of them were not in stock or discontinued. So even though my kitchen was designed around JENNAIR products I had to sit there and select new products all the while checking to make sure that they fit with the specs for the kitchen. This is another significant problem, although they deal with appliance manufacturers like Kitchen Aid or Jennair, they never have access to the full line of products [manufacturers do this on purpose]. So you won’t be able to get a wall oven from Kitchen Aide or a black fridge from Jennair, even though you see it in retail stores.

    If you are not buying appliances, don\’t even bother joining. The best you could hope for is to pay the same money for a slightly better product. I also found that in many cases they are not dealing with manufacturers, but distributors; so, on the products you might really want, you will never see the savings. In most cases they slap on an 8% handling fee that brings you right back to retail. This is a business that is not only based on your hard earned $5000.00 but the handling fee. Their marketing strategy is about portraying retail chains in a bad light, but they are a retailer too and a very inefficient one at that.

    When I joined, they promised a 63% saving off retail (not a specific brand) on my kitchen. I got 3 quotes prior to Joining ($19K, $19K, $25K). Two were from custom cabinet makers, the other from LOWES. At Direct Buy they carry 3 brands Cabico, Kitchen Kraft, and Kraft Maid. Cabico was equivalent to the cabinets I wanted. After the kitchen was designed the cost came to $15,700 +designer fee of $1350 + a handling fee of $1200 +installation of $2500 = $20750. Because I had already paid for the membership and the designer fee….I decided cut back on the kitchen and take out some components and proceeded with the order $12, 700 +designer fee of $1350 + a handling fee of $1000 +installation of $2500 = $17, 550. For all the trouble, the unavailability of the designer, and the delay in the delivery of the kitchen, I should have just gone with one of the other 2 companies.

    After complaining about the cost and delays in delivery time and the unfulfilled promises of Direct Buy, the manager (MARK PRATI) and the customer service manager started giving me the cold shoulder. I even went in to talk to the customer service manager about the delivery time on the cabinets and the recent changes to my appliances, and got a total brush off (she told her customer service rep she has nothing to do with kitchens and that I should speak to the designer).

    After Direct Buy gets your membership fee you are on your own.
    When you pay $5000.00 for a membership you expect superior service…..NOT AT DIRECT BUY. If you complain, they totally just side with one another….they don’t even listen to a legitimate concern.

    They have a price match guarantee, but you will never see it because they carry brands that you rarely seen anywhere else. I bought pot lights….the customer service rep misread the order….so I missed her oversight and waited 4 weeks only to find out I got 5 pot lights instead of 30. When I ran out to Home Depot they had a different brand at a much lower price $8.00 lower. They would do the price match because the price match has to be done when you submit the order.

    I wanted hardwood…but found a better deal outside. It’s not so much that they didn’t have a wide selection of hardwood, but they don’t carry all brands and the cost is sometime more than you will get with a sale.

    Right now I am ahead about $4000.00 and in a better position than most. Never-the-less, I would not recommend going down this road if you are a bargain hunter.

    Direct Buy has some of the poorest customer service I have ever experienced. Home Depot may be cheap and common but they assist you and they treat you nicely. Furthermore, the ability to see a product in real life and time, point to it, order it, and have it delivered or picked up the same day is PRICELESS.

    The decision is yours to make….but proceed with caution.

  18. James Brinkos Says:

    I have never taken the time to actually comment on the internet. After ready all these comments, I am really confused, are we taking about DIRECTBUY, the company that allows home owners to buy direct from the manufactures?

    Even after you add all the charges, it is still the CHEAPER route. Keep in mind that you have to compare \\\\"APPLES TO APPLES\\\\", to have an honest example of savings!

    I have been a member of UCC/DIRECTBUY for 10 years. I thought I could get better prices outside of Directbuy. In the 10 years I am yet to find manufactures prices cheaper at retail stores compare to Directbuy. I price compare all the time!

    I have purchased things like gifts,everyday items, little home reno(to sell my home), to building from scratch. I do still buy retail, about 20% of my purchases is done that way.

    It is a matter of choice to pay Mark-Up or Save it! Please do yourselves a favour, for those that still have the ability to join Directbuy, Make your own decision. Do research on some of the products that you are looking at before you attend an Open House, this way you can make a Real Educated Decision to join.

    I didn\\\\\\\’t like the fact that I had to do it now or never be allowed back, but when I did the math it just made sense. It keeps the retail stores in business. Some join, some don\\\\\\\’t that is what they want. The CONCEPT sells itself.

    I am really sorry for those who feel that Directbuy is not meeting their needs in regards to customer service issues. I just know that Toronto North Club has services to help members like myself with finding products or just spending time to help with selection(Personal Shopping Service). This has helped me out greatly. I love this service, I use it all the time. Thanks Guys I know that I can be a pain sometimes!

    Please let your club know that you need help, or come to my club TORONTO NORTH, the staff are great.

    Just to let you readers know that no matter where you shop, you are still dealing with people. Not everyone is perfect. I know that I am not. I can be a difficult member at times. One thing for sure we are all consumers!

    The membership is worth every penny. Savings is savings, no matter the amount.

  19. My husband and I took a tour of a location in Alberta. Just walking in the door – we were shocked. I expected to see actual kitchen & bath displays, appliances… instead of a small room chock full of catalogues and small tables and chairs much like a library. There were a bunch of young sales people hanging out in front of their computers almost like a telemarketing office. Not what we expected.

    Our sales rep was a slick young guy who kept pounding home the fact that we would save 65% over retail. When I started to ask him more in depth questions he told us to sit down and watch a 30 min. video. My husband was about to walk out when he found out about the $5000 membership fee but I wanted to see more. More of what – catalogues??? I had concerns about customer service, technical support, installation… When our sales guy told us that he would be our kitchen designer I nearly died! Then we found out that if we didn\’t agree to sign up today (Hard Sell), then we couldn\’t join unless we wanted to pay $6000 for our membership.

    I did take the opportunity to ask members looking over a catalogue about their experience. They said it had been OK but warned me about checking all items before they ship because returns are difficult. Also, shipping can be expensive.

    Long story short, we walked out after 30 mins without a membership. Total high pressure sales people (almost pyramid scheme ish), lack of technical support (or expertise for that matter), terrible return policy and an expensive membership that makes you feel like a prisoner is not for me. We also live to far away to micro manage every purchase.

    We received a quote from a local retailer that was higher that DB. This company has followed up on every question we have asked and have bent over backwards to create the kitchen we want. I figure, whatever we pay out in cabinets we will recoup in customer service and professionalism.

  20. Heres the deal, I hope somone will reply to this.

    On October, 7th 2009 my husband and I went to one of the shows they do. It was really long, and I really just wanted to pass out on their couch. But the guy who was talking trying to sell everyone on Directbuy was charismatic and funny. Which ofcourse, made me more comfortable with the idea of buying. There were lots of things that sent little red signals to my brain, but for some reason I decided to ignore them because the way they sell it to you makes it seems like an exellent idea to join. We gave them $200 and were to give them $490 on october 24th. It is now, the 25th. We didn\’t go to pay and get our full membership, we didn\’t not call to reschedule. I DO NOT WANT THIS MEMBERSHIP. It says that the membership starts as soon as you sign the agreement. We were told that our memberhsip wouldn\’t start until they recieved full down payment, soo? Since technicaly our membership hasn\’t started yet, and we haven\’t even payed the full downpayment, could I cancel? Would they expect me to still pay them some money? What are my options? Anyone!? PLEASE?! If anyone can help me, please email or write back on this board, I will be checking daily.

  21. Everyone who is posting negitive comments about direct buy

    how long have you been members? – its a lifetime membership- obviously it wouldn\’t be worth it right away- youll save the money over a long period of time- when appliances break down etc…

    I just joined last week- am having a house built and in my first purchase of appliances and furniture i will have saved money- not the entire membership fee- but i am still confident that I will save money throughout the years

    you can find some stuff cheaper or the same- but quality is important and if you can buy better nicer things for the money youd spend anyway- its worth it just for that

    if the high presure sales are something that you hate -dont even bother going to the open house- they are very high presure. I was lucky because i got the scope from a friends parents who are members before going so i knew what i wanted

  22. Attorney Advertisement

    My name is Michael Mclellan and I am an attorney with Finkelstein Thompson LLP. My law firm represents consumers who have been harmed by large corporations’ unfair business practices. We are investigating allegations similar to those discussed here — that is, allegations (made in filed cases) that DirectBuy, Inc. may have made misrepresentations to its customers regarding the prices those customers paid for products purchased through DirectBuy. If you have been affected by such activities, you may contact me to discuss your experience and your rights. I can be reached at (877) 337-1050 (toll free) or by email at

    Responding to this advertisement does not, by itself, create an attorney-client relationship between you and Finkelstein Thompson LLP.

  23. My DirectBuy horror story is very similar to those listed here. I was unfortunately one of the \"suckers\" who bought into the great savings offered.

    I have purchsed a few items now and saved a total of about $280, but my favorite is that now [a month and a half later] I receive a bill for \"additional freight\". IF I pay the bill that will drop my savings down even further. Liek others I called and complained and was told \"to bad, we are not cancelling your membership\".

    I am not saying anything new, I know that. The other postings here say it all. I think if you can buy everything for a brand new house this club may be for you. If you are an average joe like I am… avoid DirectBuy like the plaque!!! You will not see the savings promised and the customer service DOES NOT EXISTS, so please do not even talk about it anymore.

    For those thinking about DirectBuy memberships, keep this in mind, things they never tell you:
    1: huge membership fee
    2: if you price shop you can find items online for typically about $20-50 more, but shipping is included and shorter delivery times
    3: prices shown are NOT INCLUDING SHIPPING, which typically is extremely execive.
    4: handling fees are extra
    5: [heres the big one] DirectBuy reserves the right to send you addition bills for up to two months if they feel the shipping sharges are above what you have been quoted originally.

    Think long and hard about joining. I personally would warn anyone thinkning about it to stay away, you will have better luck online or with local dealers.

  24. My wife and I purchased a membership end of October. After going through their \"wow\" speach we decided to join. We searched local distributors after joining and found that unless you are doing a remodel or purchasing major appliances, we felt the $5500 to join just wasn\’t for us. So we called to cancel out membership. We canceled within the 10 days that you have to cancel, which they failed to mention. They then have 14 dys to refund the money per their policy I believe. I have called about my refund every day for 10 days. I was promised that it would be done 4 days ago. $ days ago was 3 days after the 14 days that they said they had. It is now 21 days after canceling and I still don\’t have my money refunded to me. They return 1 phone call per 5 I leave. They are quick to take your money, but don\’t want to give it back. I would really consider if this is worth it for you prior to joining. They do the impulse buy strategy. They say that it is your 1 and only chance to join and you won\’t get another chance to do so. I don\’t believe it, they have no problem taking money. You might want to check the Better Business Bureau prior to going to their orientation meeting and see if there are any complaints about your local Direct Buy. I feel that there is no professionalism, all they want to do is hit their quotas. All you are is a $$$ sign to them.

  25. Direct Buy just moved to bay area, today (nov 28th, 2010) went to an appointment with these guy, was terrible, the sales woman Jessica was really pushing us to buy the membership, when my husband told him straight that he was not willing to pay that membership she told him: dude I’m gonna send you back to watch the video because obviously you didn’t catch anything” what??? are you basically telling my husband that he is stupid just because he doesn’t want to buy your bull…? These persons have 0 knowledge when it comes about to deal with CUSTOMERS.

    An as everybody else I think furniture is something you need to see it and try buy yourself, sit on the couch, see the color and textures in real life instead of a paper, finally your furniture is what it make a house comfortable or the opposite, so I would rather prefer to spend more time and even money on something that I have seen and tried before buying.

  26. I have been a DB member for about 4 yrs now in Edmonton. I have spent over $90,000 at DB for numerous items including furniture and appliances. I have recouped my $4000 sign up fee. Yes it is a high pressure sales pitch…buy now or forget it. I do have a problem with these handling fees. I can understand shipping on SOME items but why do they need to charge a handling fee on a cordless telephone that takes abolutely no time to load or unload and takes very little room to store for a day or two but if you order a set of appliances, which are obviously heavier and take up many times more space than the telephone, there is no fees applied in most cases. Not that I want to implement fees for them, but how do they justify handling for some items and not others? Another item was a gas BBQ which came complete with a $300+ handling fee…totally outragious. Still saved about $500 in the end over retail, but at the end of the summer, the BBQ was probably marked down that $500 for clearance.
    I bought an Ashley kitchen table with 8 chairs (pub height) and with all fees and US exchange, I paid $1020 CDN and The Brick had the same set for $2200. There are some great savings to be had but you have to watch your prices. TV’s vary in savings, if any. I purchased a 22 x 22 garage package complete with doors, siding and delivery and saved over $1000 from what Home Depot, Revy and Totem quoted me. You can go to some retailers who deal with DB and buy direct from them at discount prices. Also saved about $300 on a 12 x 20 deck package delivered.
    Sevice at the Edmonton location is questionable sometimes and I have not used their expertise on installations for anything so I can’t comment on that. I heard that they are planning on moving to a larger location very soon so hopefully they will update their binders and have better displays. Also hoping the website will be updated more frequently and also have shipping and handling fees so we have a better idea of what the final cost is. They also need to give the potential member access to some of the binders to give you an opportunity to actually see what you are getting.
    If you are going to a showing, take an flyer or two with you from, for example, an appliance store and electronics store and do some comparison for yourself that day.
    Bottom line is if you are going to join, it can be well worth it, even though it is now $5000+ if you join that day or $6000+ if you do the 30 day trial, but you HAVE to make use of it. If you are just going to buy an can opener or a set of blinds, save your money, but they do have almost everything, except food and computers. They do handle limtied clothing, but not alot.

  27. DirectBuy Service Says:

    I just wanted to put my two cents into this discussion. I have been working at DirectBuy for over a year now. I am a service associate. I stride on providing excellent customer service to our members, and it shows in my work. I see the savings everyday from our members. Out of every 2000 orders I place, yes, we do run into an issue where an item is cheaper at retail, but we have policies in place to correct this. We will always beat the price, as long as it’s apples to apples, ALWAYS. In any industry, you are going to find a service personelle that is unpleasent- that’s life honestly. I know at our store personally, there is NOTHING pushy about our “sales pitch.” Unfortunetly, anywhere you go in life, you cannot please every single person, again, thats life! Membership costs may seem “pricey” but that is why we invite the public to come and sit in on an open house, to show the benefits of buying a membership, and the savings. After reading every single post on here, I am quite blown away by some of the comments. Like the one on the “high mem. fee’s and not making any money off the products & so on” Our memberbership fee’s cover costs such as, paying employees, paying the bills and such- we do not make money off the unit prices themselves- we do not secretly mark them up to make a buck. There are some items that are charged an 8% handling fee to cover costs. And no, you are not always going to save THOUSANDS of dollars on lock ticket priced items- it’s impossible. But, would you take $50.00 and flush it down the toilet? When wondering about DirectBuy, you need to look at the WHOLE picture, not just the membership costs. If you are renovating, or remodeling, it’s definitly worth your time. We don’t only sell Kitchens, Flooring and furniture- we sell shoes, jackets, shirts, coffee, tea, dog food/cat food, log homes, tires, blinds, sun glasses, watches, wedding invatations, and SOO MUCH MORE! If you come in for an Open House, don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you wish! If you have something in mind you’d like to purchase, feel free to bring in the model #, manufacture name, and retail price to compare! Yes, they will not let you freely shop in the catalogues, but they can assit you in showing a few pricing examples. –Well that’s MY two cents– Thanks!

  28. I purchased a set of pirelli p6 tires from direct buy. At the time I paid for the tires augest 21, and the extimated time of arrival was October 1st. A month and a half? really?
    3 weeks later I get an email stating the tire was out of stock and I was welcome to come in and select another tire or wait for a back order.
    So I took the time to look up other options like refunding and buying elsewhere.
    I went to a little site called and found that the same times I had paid for. I could get for over 60 dollars less each. So I went to directbuy and told them what I found. They have something called “price integrety” meaning they would match any price from another manufacturer/retailer if they want to. The rep told me they mmight not be able to price match exactly as it was so much significantly lower than the price offered at directbuy. She told me that because is American, they would charge all sorts of fees such as duty and brokerage therefore the tires would be around the same price in the end.
    So I went back to the site, went to checkout, filled out my postal code. Thats when all the fee’s came up, duty, brokerage, provincial tax, environment fee, is there anything else that might be missing? NO.
    So surprised, the agent thinks that forsure I am entitled to a price integrety, that is when they match the price, and give me an additional 10%. I agreed and allowed the order to proceed. They told me that I should expect a call in the next week. Someone will call me and let me know about the price integrety or when I can pick up my check for the difference since I have already paid 3 weeks earlier. So I said fine.
    The following Tuesday I receive a missed call, thinking its my check waiting for me, I call back to confirm. The woman who answers in a very rude tone says to me, “Oh yes, I tried calling you but you don’t have an answering machine” first of all bitch it was my gf u called and secondly stfu and listen to me talk.
    Anyway, she continues to tell me that my pricematch was declined, I have already received the tires on monday. She tells me not only is there no pricematch, but I cannot return the tires for a refund either. Now I’m in the hole for $200. She was determined not to help me. I argued, my gf argued. Finally I talked some sense into her, kind of. I asked her, “On what grounds are you declining the price integrety?” She responds by telling me that they only match local manufacturer prices.
    Therefore directbuy is a scam and you can get better prices by leaving your “local area”. I wish I could sue directbuy. I am looking into that as well, if there are any lawyers who are up for the task please make yourself known and help the rest of us. I’m sure if we all chip in on it, whichever lawyer helping us regain our finances will be a very wealthy man.
    The Rep tells me she’ll speak to the person who handled me and the management and get back to me. Basically they are going to make sure they all have the same story as one another and call me back strong like a knot and tell me they cannot match the price, I know. I just want what is fair. Taking my money and claiming to be almost certain and not warning me that I may not get the pricematch is wrong and unjust!
    or why else did I pay you snobs $6000?
    Believe me, it wasn’t to fit in with you all.

  29. Beware of Direct Buy.
    Yes you will save a few $$ on your items.
    But, they have the worst customer service I have ever seen and experienced.
    6 months ago I purchase a few things. It took over 2 months to arrive @ the wrong warehouse and they had emailed the wrong person to advice that they had arrived. 2out3 items came in either wrong or missing a piece. They then re-ordered the items 3 times and so far it’s still not the correct piece.
    Now they won’t return my phone calls and they won’t re-imburse me for items I purchased over 6 months ago.
    You are better off spotting a good sale. You won’t have any handling fees, delivery charges and a big headache.
    Don’t do it! It’s not worth it!

  30. I am suprised of the reactions out there when discussing UCC/Direct Buy (DB). It sounds like some branches really have some work to do.
    We have been a member for over 4 years now of the Toronto North branch.

    YES, they are \"pushy\" at the first meeting and YES they can concentrate in providing better Customer Service. Saying all that, once you overcome the first meeting and become a member, you can avoid alot of frustration. Our Toronto North branch provides access to a website where you can compare shop and determine your REAL pricing before purchasing.
    You do have to spend some time shopping and my wife and I have been able to view all of our purchases so far in other retail stores before purchasing.

    I agree with TaraLee\’s comments earlier, this is a lifetime membership and if quality is important, you can buy much nicer things for the same money you have budgeted or planned to spend anyway.

    For example, our 1st purchase was a bedroom set. We liked a bedroom set made by Lane Furniture. We shopped in the local Lane Furniture direct store in Mississauga. This store was a manufacturer-direct retail store, not through a distributor. We were quoted for the bedroom set, over $9000 – an amount we were never planning to spend. We ordered the exact same set thru DirectBuy (DB) for just under $4000 including delivery to our home.
    I found the largest SAVINGS in furniture. Yes you can find some things cheaper, like electronics and smaller items. That is becuase the life cycle is so short, by the time DB gets their catalogues from the manufacturer the same tv is already on sale at FutureShop. Is this DirectBuy\’s fault or the marketing of the electronics companies???

    Remember, this is a lifetime membership – we typically make larger purchases thru DB and have saved lots of money so far for a much better quality item:
    Hooker Table and 8 chairs over $1500 savings
    Cast patio set/furniture over $1000 savings

    My wife fell in love with a Schnadig curio cabinet – would never consider at regular retail prices. Cheapest we have found this curio on sale is $2700 + tax. UCC/DB pricing with S&H, freight, duty and brokerage fee is $1700CDN.

    I am not here to influence any decision – we are all adults and can come to our own conclusions. I suggest, be prepared before going to your initial meeting. Have some products in mind with Model# and retail pricing.

    No doubt there is some work involved, however, when it comes to saving my family money, I don\’t mind.

  31. I have been a Direct Buy member for almost 3 years now. We initially bought our membership in Calgary, AB and have since moved and now use the Edmonton location. Calgary has a couple of snotty and less-than-helpful girls working at the front desk, but other than that our experience there was good. Edmonton has been absolutely amazing to us, especially in customer service.

    We were told about DB by some friends, so we knew going in what it was going to cost and that it was a “now or never” type of sale. Before we went for the sales pitch, we shopped around on pricing for some items we had planned to buy. While in the showroom for our tour, we checked the prices of those exact items – like the above poster said, you HAVE to compare apples to apples, every leather sectional is not the same quality and therefore not the same price. DB is very upfront as to how much savings are on each type of item. Each catalog has a marking on it to indicate whether the savings are low, mediocre or high. Things like electronics don’t have much of a retail markup, so there is not much savings there. There have definitely been times (boxing day sales, etc.) where I have seen lower electronics prices at a retail store once you factor in shipping with DB. Furniture and appliances on the other hand have high markups in retail and the savings at DB are PHENOMENAL. Window coverings is another place we saved big.

    If you have a large purchase or big project to do, and you plan to use/buy high-end products, then a DB membership makes sense for you – you will make your membership fee back in no time. If you just want to save on a few purchases here and there (electronics especially), then I wouldn’t do it, it’s not worth it.

  32. this is not for 50k and under per year, you will not be able to afford it, 75k a yerar maybe and i have not heard of anyone winning the home improvment in the last year that you see on the comercials.

  33. We are members in Calgary. I think membership is worth it, but it does require more work than just going to a store. I think of it as shopping at Winners for clothes versus shopping at a regular clothing store… you can’t go into Winners and just pick your size off the rack, you’ve got to look around ALOT. I was expecting a pushy sales pitch, and we did get the ‘now or never’, but that was it. The girl who helped us asked us to write down some items we thought we might be buying in the next few years, and while we listened to their video she pulled catalogues for us to look at and determine if we thought it was for us. That was it. We have only made 3 or 4 small purchases (no appliances yet) and have saved almost 1/2 our fee. The items always arrive before the 3 to 5 week waiting period. We recieve emails on special buys and free shipping/handling which make the deals even better. Some of the other posts say that they won’t let you look at the catalogues before you join and you can’t order online. This is not true at our location. I’m sure it will take us a few years to recoup our membership, but it will happen.

  34. Can someone tellme how to get rid of the membership and stop paying the fees? I just got carried away and basicslly screwed myself up!! Had I known before that there are so many add ons after the price that DB quotes, I would not have enrolled myself. I am in Edmonton Alberta and feel like I was cheated.

  35. Harry, check your membership agreement, there should be something called “notice of cancellation” section on the back page which states the terms of possible cancellation. If you feel you’ve been scammed, you should get some legal advice for further steps.

  36. Last weekend I went to a direct buy tour and it wasnt a tour as much as it was a bullshit 2 hour presentation like I sat in a time sharing presentation. They tried to say all you have in fixed prices at home was a mortgage and tried to justify that the $7K they were asking for was the same amount that a person that made $45K take home pay would be spending in a year so spend it on us and we will get you more for your money. I challenged their presentation and did it in front of 4 other couples and the presentor didnt like it. In fact, from that moment on they didnt really waste any time on me. I made the money yet they wanted my boyfriend there to con both of us. It was my house but they wanted him there just in case he was the week link. They told me that you dont seem interested and I told them to sell me, there were two items that I really wanted and that was a maytag washer & dryer and kichen aid blender, I wanted to view their catalogues and the women that first started out pressuring me showed me the two items and they were both priced MORE than what I could get them at Canadian Tire. When I questioned her about it she said they could look into it but that was unsatisfactory because there was no way if they got manufactorying prices then why was there items more than what the retail store could give it to me for. This is a scam and a great one the lady told me that they have 4 open houses every day and at they have 5 people couples at each open house and at least 2 to 3 accept. So $7K per couple just even once a day. They are laughing. think about it, why would it cost so much for anyone to be part of a club that says they have that much buying power and Sony left them last year because I guess I understand that they had problems with them directly. So I DIDNT join and I am glad I did not.

  37. Oh yes you can go to small claims court and better business bureau anyone shopping will definately check that out first. They dont want bad press so they will settle in small claim court. Good luck I did it with a furniture store that was scamming people and I got all of my money back.

  38. And yes forgot to mention I spoke to 2 people that were members there its like a hush hush secret club that if there were caught speaking to me they would get into trouble. I asked them of their experiences and both of them said dont do it if your not building or buying alot its not worth it and they dont hold up to their promise of guarantee match. Anyone saying good things on this site is either a franchisee owner or a member with a cut, because there has been nothing good yet that I have heard and both these people told me to please not tell them that I heard anything from them. As the sales people were watching with a dirty eye and I am not afraid of anything so I gave them the dirty look and walked out but I return because they didnt give me my free trip they promised and the chance the key for a reno contest. Well when I picked the key and tried it it didnt work but they put the key back in the pot so didnt make sence no one will win then. I guess thats what they expect. EVERYONE BEWARE and do not get this membership.

  39. For the one that put a $200 down payment but didnt pay the rest then you DONT pay the rest. For the others under Canadian laws you have the right to get out of any contract as long as you write (MUST be in writing) that you give them notice and will not be paying any further fees. Give them reasons and you can certainly use many that are listed here and if they continue to bother you then threaten them with legal action. Good luck. I hate companies that take advantage of people that work hard for their money and all we want to do is try to spend it economically.

  40. Ian Weirmeir Says:

    I’ve been a member for about 11 years now. I’ve had been a little pressure into the sales pitch and had a clown of a sale rep from them. I just recently renewed for another ten years with them. The show room is kind of a joke if your looking for qualified answers and no one knows how things do work. But if your looking for savings on your next renovation, this is place to save. I have saved over 30k plus on the renovations in the last ten years. If they could get qualifed staff that knew their venders and how this can operate with their venders. Then people would not have a bitter taste in their mouth at the end of the day. Just a question for those who have renewed thei membership after ten years. How much was your renewal for the next ten years.

  41. I am a member in Colorado,

    We have had our membership for nearly 7 years and we still have not received our full value out of it. We gutted our current house and the intention was to use the membership to save some $’s. Our membership origianlly costs us about $3,400 and then a $199 renewal fee after three years. We paid cash for our membership back in 2003.

    We did actually save on several purchases through DB – we saved $400 with tax and fees on our High End GE Stainless Steel Fridge, High End burber carpet, Some custom bathroom cabinetry. We anticipated using our membership to remodel our kitchen and our hardwood floors, but we found way better deal on the hardwoods elsewhere – 2000 s/f of Hickory. The kitchen still has not been remodeled. All of our other remodels were purchased outside of our memebship since we got better deals.

    We did have a problem with a cappuccino machine that we ordered. The list price in the catelog was $90 and $200 retail. My husband shopped around and sure enough the machine was going for $200. When we purchased it, DB came back and said that we owed another $50 over the $90 that we had already paid. They said the “price changed”. My husband said that was BS because he has a receipt for his purchase stating the accepted price at the time of order and when he actually paid for the machine. He threatened to sue them if they tried to make him pay, they never did. They did try to pursue us for the balance, but we refused to pay it.

    After that experience, we became very leary about the whole membership. The other purchases went very well and we were very happy. As of yester day (February 1, 2011) my husband went back to the Branch where we bought our membership and there was note on the door stating that location was OUT OF BUSINESS. They instructed us to contact another location in the Denver Metro area. Our membership is up for renewal and I am considering not renewing and taking the loss. BE CAREFULL, I am not sure if the various law suits have impacted different branches or if it is just the market. The people at our local Branch were pretty helpful, though at times we found that we could find better deals at HomeDepot or Lowes with Custom Orders.

  42. Oh yes, I do want to say that we “saved” only $2000 in seven years. So really we are still at a loss. If we bought everything else in our remodel job through DB then possibly we would have come out ahead – A LITTLE. The kitchen still needs to be done and one bathroom. The kitchen if all goes well would actually put money back in our pocket. But we still found better deals elsewhere since we really shopped around.

  43. One more item of research. In the US we have the Better Business Bureaus that help consumers in each City/Region.

    I looked up the the branch where we first got our membership to check on any past complaints. There were 26 in the past 36 months for that branch. They were dropped from the Denver BBB. The other branch that we were referred to that is a completely different Franchise owner/company had an A- rating with only 4 complaints in the last 36 months. So, best advice is to do your research.

  44. I got scammed by these @#$!%! and paid the fee now I am trying to get it back. this is the Toronto franchise. anyone who wants to team up on them let me know. 647 292 9509

  45. My husband and I purchased a membership to direct buy 3 months ago. Thought it would be helpful since we were building a new house. The salesman actually let us review a catalog prior to joining. I knew what appliances I wanted and was familiar with the prices. It showed a significant savings. When I filled out the paperwork to get the oven I wanted (that was in the catalog and on the website) I was told they no longer had it. It is still available at sears and elsewhere and is still in production. When that one was not available I went to the next one on the website and was told it was not available either, it too was available at sears.
    In this tedious process I found out that the location I used was closing and I would have to go to another location. The other location is 1 1/2 hr away from my house, I suppose now I have to drive there, look and pick things out, drive there to get it… If I had known they were closing I would not have joined. At least the first location was near work.
    Does anyone know if there is a way out since they no longer have that location?

    e-mail me and let me know, please,

  46. Sharon Smith Says:

    Our Roanoke, VA office just recently closed. I paid in full to avoid interest just about 3 months ago. Anyone else got ripped off and want their money back? The nearest showroom is hours away. One of their selling points was having a store front. I want my money back. Anyone want to work with me to research this and make it happen? My e-mail is

  47. I’m a member with Direct Buy and would never never join again. I have purchased a $60.00 box spring for my daughters bed. The MSRP was $120.00. When I received it and got it home a week later received a bill stating that the delivery charge was wrong and I owed the company another $60.00. So in total I paid full price for the item.

  48. Actually, I’ve never even set foot in the showroom and am unlikely to ever do so based on a 10 minute conversation with an agent. We are currently undergoing extensive renovations on our home and have been shopping around for everything from appliances to whirlpool tubs. Someone mentionned Direct Buy based on the ads that are pervasive on some TV channels. I found the web site this week and provided my contact information to set up a visitor’s pass. A young man (a Mr Pfeiffer) called several times and we managed to have a conversation a few minutes ago. He was most gracious and seemed upfront (but don’t even ask about fees over the phone) until he asked me for my husband’s name. I told him that considering that we have a young child and would need to come in from out of town, it would be unlikely that my husband would come to the sales pitch. Mr Pfeiffer than proceeded to ask if we couldn’t get a guardian for our child and when I assured him I would be coming on my own, proceeded to tell me that he couldn’t issue an invitation to me without the name of my husband. I actually started to laugh and said are you telling me that I am unable to make a decision without my husband or that money isn’t good enough for you?! To which he replied that if I were to be spending a couple thousands of dollars in a day in would be better to have my husband present. I then proceeded to inform him that I have, on several occasions, spent thousands of dollars (cars, appliances, house)in a day prior to meeting my husband and even without him once we were married. I can not belive that a company operating in Canada would have the audacity to discriminate against women in such a blatant way. Has anyone else been discriminated against by this company? I’ve already left a message with their Operations Manager (Linda 613-749-2700) and will be reminding her of a little thing called the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Our reno will definitely run upwards of 100K, that’s atleast 50K coming from my own pocket that this company will never see. Just google this company before even considering opening lines of communications. Although I’m completely POd at the moment, I am infinitely grateful to be so before having given them any money (surely not cheap) and being asked that my husband approve the colour I’ve chosen for the couch (sic)

  49. We attended an open house in Brampton. When we did not sign the membership at the end of the open house. The sales agent told us if we dont do sign then we wont be able to become members for the next 7 years

    She was not a competent at all. She was almost falling asleep during the presentation and clearly was not interested or believed in her work. All these locations are franchise. They are not about service but as a franchise owner to make money

    Their charge for membership is 5920 for 3 years and then to keep the membership active you pay additional 349per year. They call this lifetime membership

    Shoppers beware

  50. I have been a member since 2004. Only now, having renovations on the way, am I starting to make more use of my membership. Having more hands-on experience, now I realize there are gross inadequacies in this particular location. I never anticipated when I signed up, having accrued so much debt for the thousands of dollars in membership fees, that there would be so many bungles in my orders and so many rude and incompetent staff members. I increasingly find our family in a dilemma. Having paid so much in membership, I feel that if I discontinue my membership, I would lose thousands because the savings-to-date have not been what was advertised. But, then I have to balance the health of my family having been treated so poorly by the staff at this particular Mississauga location.

    Poor Member Service

    Threatening Preschool and Primary Aged Children
    What disturbs me the most, are the two most recent incidents which prompts me to write this letter. One involves the owner MIKE WILSON. The other involves the receptionist DIANE.

    Mike Wilson, owner
    The case involving the owner Mike Wilson is surreal. As stated, I have been in and out of this location countless times without “incident” with my children. As a general note, my children are well content children and well behaved. I personally make sure that everything is okay. One night in September 2010 my children were in the play area watching a DVD. As the night progressed more children came to the room. I noticed, on my frequent checks that there were two particular rambunctious children. One boy had a video game in his hand and the other boy was looking on and was very absorbed to what was on screen. These two were particularly loud throughout the night, but I thought nothing of it. Time passed and then there was loud “excitable” screaming in the room. This prompted all parents to look at what was happening, and some stern warnings. I particularly asked my children if they took part in this yelling and they adamantly said no. I believe them, as this is not their typical behaviour and they were more interested in the DVD. I am very inclined to say the child with the video game and the one beside him were the ones misbehaving. However, Mike Wilson the owner, took all the children out of the room and returned them to their parents. Fair enough, I can understand this, since he didn’t know who was responsible for the misbehaviour. However, after having talked with my children about the incident, I was very shocked to find out that prior to returning each child to their parents he THREATENED each of them. (These are children 2 to 7 years of age. A very vulnerable and impressionable age). His words were, “If you decide to do this again, I will personally hang you upside down and nail your toes to the wall.” I couldn’t believe it! My husband couldn’t believe it. We had to keep on asking an account of what happened. Time and time again our children stated the threat made to them. I asked, was it said in a joking fashion. They explicitly said he was very stern and serious. There was no other way to interpret his statement. I was just astonished and flabbergasted. This is totally unacceptable and inappropriate. How dare he make such a statement to these small vulnerable children. Would he dare to do this when he is asking us to spend thousands of dollars to join the membership? If he finds that threatening children an appropriate and acceptable means of deterring behaviour, he needs serious counseling. I cannot express how truly upset this was to learn that my pre-school and primary aged children were threatened in this manner for something that they did not do. I am almost afraid to leave my children near this man, in case he decides to threaten them again.

    Diane, the receptionist
    The case regarding the receptionist also follows in the same pattern of rudeness and lunacy. I came in November 24th, 2010 at 3 pm, to sort, once again problems with my orders (again due to lack of updates in the catalogues). This time, I brought my mother to look after my 2 year old son and 5 year old daughter, in anticipation of slow service. During this time, under my mother’s watchful eye, my daughter got thirsty. She was sitting quietly and decided to get up and take 3 little milk cups (typically for coffee) from the refreshment stand, not more than 2 yards away. (To my understanding this is available to all members and their dependents. There are no signs to indicate otherwise). However, DIANE the receptionist thought otherwise. She chased and ran after my daughter from the front desk (a good 15 yards away). She roughly grabbed the 3 little milk cups from her hands and proceeded to shouted at my 5 year old daughter “This is only for coffee drinkers”. My daughter who was in the process of asking permission to drink the milk cups, turned completely pale and was on the verge of tears. What poor judgement! Nobody has the right to be humiliated and shouted at in this fashion…moreover a preschooler. My mother was absolutely taken aback by the sudden uproar. Never having been treated so ridiculously, my mother shot back and tried to complain to customer service. Unfortunately, JAGG at customer service didn’t want to hear any of it, because my mother was “not a direct member”. He proceeded to say, “only Direct Buy members are allowed to file a complaint”. I, was in the process of paying could not believe what was transpiring before me and I was totally shocked. Diane then tried to defend and deny her actions in front of me. She then tried to hush my mother away. (Please read my mother’s enclosed testimonial). I am utterly at wits end as to the treatment me and my family have received at this location. What value do those 3 little cups of milk have, especially in proportion to the fees I pay as a member? If I could have a refund of my membership, I would gladly do so. I also feel a direct apology is inadequate for the treatment that my children have had to bear, compounded by the anxieties caused by the people at this location.

    Slow and Not doing their jobs
    The service is slow. So very slow, that I had to wait 1.5 hours for my order to be taken, yet there were two “staff” members at the order desks that refused to take my orders because (a) SAM was too busy with paper work (b) GORDON had an appointment to wait for …(by the way, his “appointee” came 40 minutes after…he could have easily taken my order within that time frame). It certainly sent me a clear message that they couldn’t care less if I wanted to place an order or not.

    Rude and Intolerant of Young Families
    The staff are rude and not family friendly. How do you expect members with young children to riffle through so many catalogues when there is little for their children to do? IKEA has better customer care and it’s free! I don’t have to pay membership in the thousands to look at what they have. To add, the kids’ play area is so poorly fitted. The toys are old or cracked and broken. There are 3 DVD’s geared to older children. Hundreds of VHS tapes when there is no VHS player. There’s scribbles and drawings all over the wall and not cleaned up…etc. The list goes on.

    Incompetence and Lack of Knowledge, Catalogues Poorly Updated
    As an example, earlier this year, I wanted a dishwasher panel. After many consultations amongst themselves (the staff) and a “kitchen specialist (SAM)”, I placed an order. When the package arrived it was the wrong item. This “panel” was sent back two more times. Each time, the order was still not right. After waiting in excess of six months and after hearing multiple (lame) excuses like “my computer was broken”, “the manufacturer’s computers were being updated”…etc… I decided to go to a retailer. So much for my membership! As stated earlier, I’ve had to continually go back to change my orders or cancel my orders because the catalogues were not current. This is unacceptable, especially after having spent lots of time going through the catalogues finding the items to order. Again, no easy feat when you have small children.

    I am very dissatisfied at the constant mix-ups and lack of updates in the catalogues that have forced me to go to this location, more times than I would like. It makes it especially difficult since I have three young children to attend to. I am even more distressed at the rude and alarming attitudes of the staff I encounter at this location. There is really poor customer service at this location. Many people need to be let go or re-trained on how to be helpful and courteous. Only two staff (out of 10) that have been helpful. All the others have serious attitude problems and could not be bothered. It has caused me, to ponder the legitimacy of Direct Buy. I do not feel that my membership has been worth it. I would be very glad if my membership fee ($3500+) is returned.

  51. we are planning to attend a tour as guest , in Barton location,stoney creek ,is there anyone who became a member from this area we can chat we really want to have an informed decision u can email me

  52. I went to the London, Ontario Direct Buy this week for there 1 hour high pressure sales pitch. They allowed us to see some of their pricing, I compared a gas stove that retails for $2900 in Canada that they sell for $1750… sounds great right??? they don’t tell you the shipping cost or handling fees so the savings aren’t as great as you might think, they also don’t tell you that an hour away, you can cross the border to the US and find the same appliances that retail for $1750 and the duty is less that their handling fee. Building materials weren’t a bargain either, I can find hardwood at local building centers for less, on tile I would have saved about $40 on a big job. Reading some of the comments makes me think it was a good decision not to cave in to their high pressure sales techniques.

    I can’t help but laugh and wonder why a place that sells products at the manufacturer price need a “price integrity” policy, that suggests anyone selling for less than DB (the manufacturer price) is selling it for less than what the manufacturer sold it to them… yeah right LOL!!!

    When DB says you’re a lifetime member I think they’re trying to say is you’ll regret for half of your life and spend the other half trying to recoup the money you spent.

  53. TheWraithLover Says:

    In Canada, Direct Buy now has a cooling off period. If you get in and don’t like it, they give you back your money within 30 days.

  54. ShopperScorned Says:

    that is the first time i have ever heard of the cooling off period??is it mentioned somewhere?
    My husband and i made the agonizing mistake of agreeing to be members but we did not pay the full membership but just out in a 500cnd deposit fee that would “activate” the membership..and this was just last Saturday 13th August 2011 at the Hamilton location in StoneyCreek…
    The same evening we already started having our doubts..i have no idea why on earth we didnt DO THIS before!!
    mind you we are usually always VERY careful before making the purchase..but the way we were rushed into it and their stupidly convincing sales tactics forced us into the BIGGEST mistake of our lives!
    they dont even have the portable Ac unit and Sharp microwave that they said they would have!!
    and seriously?? 12-14 WEEKS on the delivery of a coffe table?!! what MESSED up logic is THAT!

    simple thing is..we want out
    RUDE customer service..some manager from the branch called my husband up and was eXTRREEMELY rude to him and the so called owner was ALWAYS busy..weve been tryn to call them since the 13th but to no avail.
    oh and get this..THEY are closed on Mondays???

    When my husband just asked whats the procedure to opt out we were informed that we would have to go to Hire a lawyer?
    Yea thousands of more dollars for THAT just to get a 500cnd deposit back?
    No one mentioned a 30 day cooling off period!!
    can we use this to fight our case with the so called “OWNER”

    we made a mistake i agree but we are NOT going to waste our lives getting out of it..jeez

  55. not so in love ith DB Says:

    hi is there anyway we can sell our membership to anyone?